Ways to Get More Likes on your Instagram Posts

Instagram has become a daily activity in today’s world. People consume their idle time on Instagram as it helps them engage with their friends and followers and that’s why Instagram users want to get maximum likes on their photos and posts.

In this article we are offering different ways to get more Instagram likes:

  1. Hashtag – Use as many Hashtags as you can for this will help you to get discovered by other random users and your possibilities of likes increases. For example, if you click nature photos, your hashtag can be #nature, #monsoon, #mobileclick, #mystory.
  2. Popular Hashtags – You should use the most popular Hashtags like #selfie, #cute, #love, #life etc.
  3. Photo Filters – Use Unique and appealing photo filters in the pictures you’re going to post as it gets you more likes.
  4. Reshare – Reshare your photographs to other networks like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter when you publish it as it’ll lead your followers to your Instagram.
  5. Like other people’s posts – You have to acknowledge others followers by liking their photos and posts Because if you do this, they’ll also respond to your posts.
  6. Schedule the Timing – Timing is the key to get more likes to your photos, like if you post your pictures in the middle of the night, then your post might get lost. The right time to post your pictures when people would be bored in the middle of the day at their office after dinner when they are more likely to surf the web.
  7. Be genuine and personal – Most of the people think that only glittering and visually appealing pictures get more likes, but there are also some people who like the raw, personal and genuine posts of the users.

Hope this article helps you !!

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