Monster Hunter: World Prepares to Roll Out Massive “Iceborne” Expansion in 2019

Capcom is prepared to develop a new expansion for their highest grossing game series “Monster Hunter.” This new expansion is expected to be revealed in the autumn season of 2019 with the inclusion of a new Iceborne expansion.

In its initial phase, this game was available on PlayStation 4, but now you can access it from a PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Monster Hunter is associated with hunting various monsters in the game which is assigned by the villagers to the players. In the beginning, you will receive easy quests and bounty will be less, but as you progress in the game, you will receive better resources and rewards to forge your weapons and armors.

The best feature to this game is that you can go for monster hunting in multiplayer mode as well. In Monster Hunter world you can go for solo hunting of monsters as well as you can team up with your friends and opt for a squad to hunt difficult monsters online.

 In your playing team, you can include a maximum of four players who can choose from different heroes to create strategic attacks and manipulate the battlefield. 

Capcom revealed that they are about to make the game much more exciting and indulging for the players to experience new in-game interactions. According to the Camcom’s declaration, there is going to a new extended layout with a winter theme which would provide regular players with new and different interactions in their gameplay.

They also claimed to add new monsters, weapons for forging and new quest ranks to increase the difficulty of the players. This unique and dynamic environment with the addition of these features is going to make the gameplay much more fun and challenging.

Although the developers release the new teaser trailer, still it doesn’t reveal much for the players to determine any other aspects of the latest update.  We will have to wait until the spring of 2019 to receive any further details. Before the new Expansion, Capcom is planning a new update which includes new Arch-Tempered Nirgigante as well as a highly anticipated collaboration of adding “The Witchers Geralt” into the game. By inclusion of this new armour and playable character, players can enjoy a new dynamics inside the game and will help them to enjoy the game until the expected “Iceborne” expansion is out.

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