Miku: A High-Tech Babysitter

Technology is everywhere around us. From a newborn to an old person; technology is catering and serving all. Miku is the new endeavour of science and technology and it is all set to take care of each and every health-related issue of an infant as well as smoothen their sleeping hours.

With the help of this technical babysitter, parents get proper and accurate information about the sleeping hours, sleeping pattern and vitals functioning of an infant.

  CEO and new parent Eric White with its large scale military equipment designing experience and inheritance of military technology came with this miraculous product for the infant as well as the parent. It monitors and senses the baby’s vitals in real-time. It facilitates parents by informing the feedback and assurance if baby’s sleep time, analysis of infant’s heartbeats and respiration. It takes a deep eye on each vital functioning of your baby with any wearable gadget. In this way, it eases the sleep of your baby with specialized surveillance of health condition.

How does it work?

Miku Baby Monitor works on the Patent-Pending Algorithm based artificial intelligence with the association of machine learning technology which is aggregately known as Sensor Fusion. It creates a complete and correct image of baby’s critical health statistics with the help of combined effort of optical and wireless sensing tools. In this effort, baby remains untouched, and every single data related to its health is gathered without any wearable device. Baby does not even feel that it is under any kind of monitoring.

It will calculate temperature and humidity around the baby as well as room atmosphere with baby’s breathing and sleeping figures. Miku and associated applications update you regarding the baby’s health graph on your Smartphone, and you can very easily access the whole mechanism. It also alerts you in an emergency or whenever baby needs parent’s assistance the most. The rich experience of software and smart gadget development of manufacturer with department defence, ITT and L3 configured Miku, as an intelligent and efficient babysitter which enable every parent a sound sleep and a moment of peace by uplifting the tension of baby’s surveillance.


Miku is the initial step towards the one-time health care surveillance, and it has to travel a long distance. In the very near future, it will provide this kind of facility for old aged and physically disabled people in very nominal expense.

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