How to Fix Too Many Messages to Download Error Message in Gmail?

As we all aware with term Gmail, it’s a free advertising-supported email service which is developed by the Google. Sometime when you are using Gmail from your web browser, and due to some reasons you found an error that says Too many messages to download. Mail cannot be retrieved from this account at this time.

There are very much chances that you might be worrying about the causes, but obviously, there is something that we are unable to answer. Still, there are many other ways to solve the issue easily.

Here we provide a few steps which can help you in solving this error. The process is discussing below:

Steps to fix Too Many Error Messages to Download Error Message in Gmail

Generally, this error message pop-up on your screen, when you have thousands of emails already saved in their account. Every time, when any user is trying to import thousands of emails from Gmail to another account, like Outlook, then the possibility of occurring errors are high.

Mostly, the users who receive emails from a relative, family, and also social networks will likely not have over 30,000 emails in their accounts. However, users who are using Gmail for work or some other activities, it’s easy for them to exceed the mentioned number.

To remove this error, you need to delete some of your Gmail emails, and to delete the emails you need to follow a few simple steps, which are discussing below:

  1. Click to “Log in” into your Gmail account.
  2. Steer towards the Search Box.
  3. Alternatively, use “Search Command” like before: after older: newer: or any other.

Note: For instances, type the following one path into the given search box.

“After 2016/10/17, or before: 2018/08/08”

  1. Press Enter or click on the Search
  2. Next, mark the “Select All” option.
  3. Then, click on the “Select all conversations that match this search.”
  4. Click on “Delete” or Trash tab.

Finally, all the emails that you have selected will automatically disappear from your mailbox. But keep in your mind that you should detach all important mail before clicking the delete tab. Once you press the delete tab, it will be permanently deleted from your account, and you will never see those in your mailbox or Gmail account.

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