Complete Guide to the Dark Mode in Books App in iOS 12

Apple’s old iBooks app, transformed into the new Books app, with the release of iOS 12. This overhaul made the app so much better. It now comes with a night mode, so if you want to read horror stories late in the night, then you can do so without stressing your eyes.

However, the dark mode in the app works quite differently.

How to turn off dark mode in the new iOS 12 Books app

The dark mode works alright. However, you can tweak the brightness of the screen lower using the normal light mode, and still get a pleasant reading experience. Therefore, if you have an iPad and want to conserve its battery, then switching to the dark mode may not be ideal.

When you open the Books app, you may find it in the dark mode. At other times, it may be in the light mode. How do you switch from one mode to other? You cannot do it by going to the app’s settings. Well, users cannot manually switch between light and dark modes.

The dark mode in the Books app is entirely automated. If you are somewhere with low lights, then the app changes to the dark mode. If you are someplace with bright lights, then the mode switches to light automatically.

The workaround to change the mode manually is to power on the lightning in the room.

How to adjust the dark mode in Apple Books app while reading

Just open the book you want to read, and let the app switch to dark mode. Now, hit the aA option located at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. After that, select fonts, font size, views, enable or disable the auto-night theme, change the background color, etc.

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