5 Best Free Music Applications for iOS and Android in 2019

Use these five free musical apps for listening to music. These are some of the free music applications through which you can listen to your music library, know about some new artists, search radio stations nearby, listen the  running music, etc. These applications are usually free of cost and are compatible with iPhone and Android. Locate the application store on the phone, and get these apps. You will be addicted to these apps in no time.

  1. Pandora

Pandora is famous for a reason. Some people have ranked it to be one of the best music apps. Write about your favorite artist. Pandora will be playing songs along with the artists that are recommended by Pandora. The user will find new music that is similar to songs that you love already. Users can even rate the songs. It will learn and improve the suggestions that are based on ratings. Favorite artists can also be bookmarked for further access.  Pandora app will be working very well if you have a connection with Wi-Fi for streaming the songs without any hindrance.

  • Shazam

It is a fantastic application for music. If you are not able to remember the name of that song that is playing on the radio, then Shazam will listen to that song that is being played, and you will get to know about the artist and song. Users have the option of sharing the discovery along with watching a music video. Each song saved by the app will get stored as a tag. Simply share the tags. Lyrics can also be seen while listening to the song.

  • Spotify

One of the best thing with Spotify is that numerous playlists can be made with it. Users can even listen to the playlists that have been created by other people. Premium can be tried for 30 days.  Spotify is one fantastic music apps through which you may follow the artists and even sync the music directly from the desktop. Users can also make the radio station. Search the music by seeing the top lists. Favorite songs can be added, and they can be played later. Anyone can create the playlist and share it with other people. For example- Spotify is perfect for family functions.

  • iHeartRadio

It incorporates radio, music, and podcasts, plus it shows 0 commercial, and it is known for working on numerous devices. If you are hearing to the music from the app directly, then you need to log in. Users can skip only a specific number of songs each day. If you need a radio application for the mobile device that you have, then iHeart is the best option for you. Tons of services are being supported by it. Listeners can even listen to podcasts; they can make their music stations depending on their favorite song; categories can be searched like the hits of the 80s and 90s. There are categories like rock, classical, holiday, oldies and much more. Listeners can save the stations as presets and an alarm clock too.

  • Slacker Radio

One of the best thing with this app is that you don’t need to have an account for streaming the music. Several premade stations are there that are just a single tap away. Users can even adjust the quality of audio streaming. Users will be notified regarding the sports updates and music news. It is one free of cost application with so many radio stations. While listening to the radio, users can fine tune them for playing more songs. Users can even set up new stations or keep track of the currently playing songs.

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